Thursday, August 5, 2010


So I was navigating from blog to blog to website to website and ended up on a Deepak Chopra page. I took a quiz...and ended up with this evaluation;

"You are currently carrying an emotional burden of misunderstanding about who you are and what you deserve, you are in doubt or even denial of your inherent lovability.

You are probably struggling with issues that continue to hurt your relationships with yourself and others.
Life is too short and too miraculous an opportunity for love for you to keep carrying this load.

I encourage you to take steps to liberate yourself from your past misunderstandings and disappointments . . . to set yourself emotionally free."

Uhhhhhh...I'm not really sure what to say...


  1. can I say something?

    i told you so ;)

    Mr Chopra, i got your #

  2. I think your very special. Thank you one million times over.

    I bestow upon you The Sweet Blog Award for being so thoughtful and inspiring. Love yoU!

  3. Hi!
    I came accross your blog because Becky gave us the same Sweet Blogger award. That is an odd evalutaion! That would leave me speechless as well.
    I'm your newest follower:)



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