Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Next up...a rain dance!

Doing a little happy dance this morning.
Apparently this sweltering heat is coming to an end!

My happy dance continued as I read a few blogs.
Truly little bits of inspiration.
Not look at me, look at me,
No negativity (coughcough),
No trying to prove anything to anyone kind of posts.

Real, raw, inspiration.

So to those inspiring gals & man, I raise my cup of coffee,
{sugar-free...and I'm ok with that}
to you!

Today is going to be a GOOD day.
Inhale:calm, Exhale:peace.


  1. Oh dear one, I DID miss you at our tea table, but completely understand. We all have down days...and you are most welcome for the tiny little package...sending a hug...love R

    Hey...thinking of decorating on Oct 23 evening...
    Are you and Becky in???...hope so...let me know.

  2. down day....ha

    ooooh Rosie I have my doula course until 5 I think that day and then the next day again at 9am...but would love to come by and help! I thought it was the next weekend....


Love you in advance for your wonderful comments!