Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whole Foods

What do YOU know about eating whole foods?

Here's what I know...apparently it's good for you! (shocker) Here's the thing...I SO enjoy bad-for-you foods. The funny thing husband does not, and I generally don't let the boys eat crap when I get a chance (cough cough blizzard with extra stuff) I do it!

Even thought we (as a family) think we eat healthy, so many of our foods are processed and over processed to the point that the foods has lost all of its nutritional value in the first place. Also, I am VIGILANT about the boys eating 5-6 meals a day...but I could go all day on a handful of crackers, one of their chocolate chip granola bars & no water at all...yikes! Bottom line...I am unhealthy! Oh the horror! And I wonder why I can't sleep, I'm irritable, headaches, dry skin, those flabby bits that continue to grow each day (don't even get me started on exercising...we can save that for another day)

Last summer I saw a personal trainer for a few months. Boy did she whip me into shape. Funny thing is, after 6 weeks of following her workout plan (gruelling btw) for 6 days a week...yes 6! I was gaining some muscle, stamina, endurance and all that, but not losing any flab...she was as perplexed and switched me to a whole foods diet...

I felt clean! FULL! Ate no crap! Slept, I was nicer...heehee...and shed that bad weight etc.

I. felt. HEALTHY!

So here I go...whole foods all the way. I know that I need the occasional treat...OCCASIONAL, so I won't deny myself...but how can whole foods be bad?  I see so many unhealthy people in my line of work, and I have the ability to control my health as far as what I put into my body....

I've made my shopping list, I have checked it twice...I will keep you posted on how it's going...maybe chuck you in a recipe or two....

ps...sure glad i had that extra stuff Reese blizzard on Thursday! :)

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