Thursday, July 22, 2010


Here it is! My NEW blog!

Some of you knew I was on Rocketgirl hiatus, some of you may have had an inkling that I was revamping...Why do I need a revamping you ask? Well, when I started blogging, it was blind & unknowing...totally fun. I STILL find it totally fun, but I want to blog about different things. 

I will definitely still keep posting to The Amazing Adventures of Rocketgirl ... which I LOVE, cuz it IS fun...a fun little blog about nothing & everything all at once.

I wanted to start a new blog though, to reflect the many changes going on & about to be going my life.  This blog is going to be more focused on wellness, health, perspective, peace, balance, love , personal fulfillment and my journey in attempting to attain it all (don't worry, there will be some fun thrown in there too!).

I think it can be done.  An ambitious task? You bet! But I am up for the challenge.  Did that all seem a little vague & confusing? Don't worry, it won't be for long!


Love you in advance for your wonderful comments!