Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Update

I had a lovely, PEACEFUL of all kinds.

I started out this afternoon at the Mission Folk Fest, hanging @ the Shanti Uganda table with my peeps.

Listening to fab music, walking among the vendors, I passed a lovely tent of flowy, breezy summery clothes
and for 20 bucks I walked away with 2 beautiful wrap style skirts,  made from recycled saris! How cool is that?

After that I went on my Whole Foods shop...I enjoyed that too....and whole foods dinner number 1 was a SUCCESS! I call it, THE SALAD TO DIE FOR!

Toss together; 

Romaine, green & butter lettuce
Green Onions
Cherry tomatoes
Sunflower seeds, soy nuts, pine nuts
Goat Cheese
Fresh parsley (from my garden...oh yeah)

Layer on top, thinly sliced bbq'd medium rare organic sirloin steak, sprinkled with cayenne pepper.  Fresh lemon drizzled over the works and DI-VINE!

I feel kinda pumped today...something...a sort of lightness that I haven't felt in a while...

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