Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"your blog is out of date"

Ya ya ya...tell me somethin' i DON'T know!
Mental block? Creative differences...with myself?
Tired? nothing witty to say? lazy? Lazy! That's it!

Ok, so what have I been up to...

Yoga classes are back in session at Unison Yoga. WOOT!
I dragged Ms. Cupcake with me for this set....
I think she likes it! She rocks the Eagle pose, & I'm secretly happy that her downward facing dog sucks as much as mine does! ;) I joke!

I have 7 shifts left on the Unit I work on...secretly happy again...& after that, the, the hospital is my oyster.

Less than a month til my Yoga weekend getaway!  BLISS!!! {i still have to pinch myself!}

Next week is the Evening of Art Fundraiser for The Shanti Uganda Society. SO PUMPED!!!  I am just loving working with this organization...truly amazing!

The boys are good, the dogs are good, the husband is, well isn't that just another blog post in itself!  I kid! I kid!

What else...mmm, two things left for you....

1) A lovely quote;                             
"I live in possibility."
~ Emily Dickinson

2) I have started my Christmas shopping!

And now I believe that this makes me officially....UPDATED!


  1. Yes, you are totally updated...see you for tea in....lets see...14 minutes...Yippee! C ................

  2. ROSIE! I am SO devastated. :(
    Two tea dates in a row :( Mason is sick & home from school so I am missing out :(

    I will pop by the store on Saturday? say hello?
    I would LOVE to see you! And is Xmas decorating still on?

    Hope you two had lots of scones & cream for me.

  3. Oh dear friend, we MISSED you....Yes, decorating is most definitely on...Sunday Oct 24th...looking forward to Sat visit...Get Better Mason! Rosie............

  4. Eagle pose is a yoga staple. It is a great concentration improver and yoga guru Leeann Carey says it also great the ankles and calves. She has a free yoga video on eagle pose that I thought your readers might like:


Love you in advance for your wonderful comments!