Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I might pee!

I cannot even contain myself!
I C A N N O T even contain my glee!

With my husband's encouragement & bank account {wink!}
I am registered for a Yoga Retreat in the Shuswap with PADMA!!!!


Padma! Can you believe it???? The one & only.

Padma is a world renowned Yogini, she even lived & studied with her guru for 10 years in the Himalayas!
She is the author of many  books,
has hosted her own TV programs &  radio programs,
and is responsible for the development of many learning &
education programs locally in Vancouver
and the world alike. Oh the list is endless!
{ps, she teaches yoga to Freida Pinto,
Uma Thurman and Charlize Theron...just sayin'}

And little ole me....I get to spend a Friday to Sunday doing
yoga classes, meditation classes,
ayurveda & stress mgmt workshops,
eating wonderful vegetarian food
& all blissfully away from the family
{i mean i will be crying the whole time}
 in beautiful lovely serene Shuswap Lake.

In all honesty,
I am looking SO forward to a total yogic weekend,
 just for me,
totally just yoga, peace & balance. 

I wasn't kiddin' when I said I might pee.


  1. WOW!
    How EXCITING Dawn!
    I am thrilled for you!
    Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Good for you!
    I so admire you for venturing out and treating your self to this!
    Thanks for popping by Bainbridge!
    Going to HOT yoga tomorrow!
    One of my knees had been flaring I've been nurturing it! :o(
    Has YOGA ever bothered your knees?
    This isn't from's a reaccuring injury.
    Happy Weekend!

  2. i might pee FOR you! lol sounds absolutely delicious.

  3. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!
    #1 Your P*E*R*F*E*C*T weekend! Oh sweet one enjoy this time away and come home RELAXED and REFRESHED.
    #2 there is a HUGE smile plastered on my face...
    That I will get a helping hand from my sweet, sweet friend...that we will "Deck the Halls" together, makes my heart S*I*N*G!!!!!
    we will meet for a long cuppa soon...xoxox...R


Love you in advance for your wonderful comments!