Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Honour the pain within you...

So, one of my fave yoga teachers, she always spouts some fancy comforting line at the end of class; honour the light within you etc etc.

I'm pretty sure that after last nights very lovely class, there is no light inside. That bright white light she always talks about during savasana, it's more like a white searing pain today!

It hasn't been THAT long since I was on my mat....

Funny thing about that...there was some giggling & joking about who HASN'T been on their mat while the studio was on "vacation".  You could easily tell by the curly ends of their mats! I felt pretty proud that my mat was perfectly flat on the floor...I mean heck...I re-rolled it the night before so it WOULD lay flat...HAHAHAHAHA! Purely for purpose & function, not for the looks of awe I received last night for being the yogini who surely must have practised all summer! WINK!



  1. May you have many bliss filled moments, on your "perfectly flat mat" :)
    .............smile on Rosie............

  2. Wishing You Happy Monday Wishes
    xoxoxxoxoxo Rosie xoxoxoxoxoxxoo


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