Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome September!

Somebody shoot me!  Back to school shopping is sucking the life right out of me!

It's not the supplies, it's the clothes, and the desire of the little men in my life to "look cool"  I really want my children to be the kind that don't care...I want them to understand that it doesn't really matter what other people think.  Having said that, we all know what other people think DOES matter to some extent, and when you are 9 & 12, it TOTALLY matters what other people think!  I get that...I do...sigh...

I'm getting right giddy for Unison to be up & running again...hands down the best yoga classes I have been to...ready to work on my cobra, and my downward dog.  Giddy to lay still in savasana pose and work on my meditation skills...

My very VERY smart & beautiful sister in law said something today that made me laugh..."whoever said what doesn't kill you will make you stronger was a real asshole"  I think she has a point...I hate hearing stuff like that myself, but I do believe it.  I have learned in the past few weeks that through thick & think, crap & crappier, nothing killed me, and hopefully I will come out a bit better, a bit tougher & a bit wiser for it.  I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel....{big satisfactory exhale}

On a {sad for some, but not for me} side note, The Amazing Adventures of Rocketgirl was put to bed last night.  Nothing more to comment on that so DON'T ASK if you know what's good for you!? ;)

Lastly, I lost something. Actually, 7 of them somethings, and I'm pretty happy about it!  heehee!

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  1. I always find that when you are right in the middle of the crap and someone says "What doesn't kill ya...", it makes you want to kill them! But once you start seeing the light, you begin to see the truth in it :)



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